A lot of fun in Orkney this week with my fellow Killer Woman MJ McGrath doing a panel and writing workshops at Orkney Library for Book Week Scotland. I'm very jealous of their new Hurricane Book Club which gathers to discuss a crime novel each month at the library. Then we went for a drive to Skara Brae to see a Neolithic village - including a 3000-year-old stone home with beds and dresser, and firepit, with indoor plumbing and all! An incredible place that suddenly became uncovered during a storm in the 19th century, in a wild beautiful setting (below). We set off across the main island in for dinner in a restaurant, only to find on the way home that the boot of our hire car had come open while we were in the restaurant...! Not ideal, two crime writers with vivid imaginations spooking each other out in the middle of a long, pitch-dark Orkney road that there might be someone in the boot. Anyway, we made it back safe. Thanks to everyone who came along to our events this weekend, and to Stewart for hosting us, and sending us home from a fab weekend with a bag full of fudge, cheese and whisky!

skara brae.JPG