I've had my head down the past four months finishing book four, which I'm delighted to say my editor likes. Edits on it start on that next week, and it will be published in the UK in Autumn, and in the USA in 2016. I'm very excited about this book. For one reason, it's set in Scotland where I come from, and it's been fun staying with family in Glasgow and Edinburgh for research, and immersing myself back in the voice and settings of my childhood.

It's a psychological thriller, again, but this time involves a criminal investigation. A very strange death close to home sends Edinburgh-based photojournalist Grace off on an unexpected journey into dangerous places, while her colleagues in the city wrangle with the mystery of two more bodies with no apparent connection to each other.

In the meantime, I've also embarked on a very exciting crime events project with another crime writer which we'll launch in March. Watch this space!